out of the wild: surviving in alaska

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out of the wild: the alaska experiment
If I kill an animal, can I eat it raw?

Let's say you're lost in the wilderness. Rather than guess which berries aren't poisonous, you take down a rabbit. If you're too famished for cooking, will eating it raw be disastrous for your health?

How to Find True North

There's north and then there's true north. Find out how stabbing a stick in the dirt to make a shadow can help you find the true north.

How Avalanches Work

Learn how avalanches form, how long you can stay alive while buried under an avalanche and what steps you can take to survive.

How Igloos Work

How can a house made of snow keep you sheltered from the icy cold? Igloos seem like a great paradox, but they're actually quite practical. Who invented them and why?

Travel the World: Alaska

When Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867, it became widely known as Seward's Folly. How much do you really know about this state of glaciers and gold rushing? Take this quiz and find out.

Why has part of the Alaskan wilderness been called the Bermuda Triangle?

The number of missing people in the state of Alaska is twice the national average. Why do so many get lost?

What if the Alaska Pipeline blew up?

The Alaska Pipeline carries oil from wells in the far north of Alaska down to the the port in Valdez, Alaska. If that pipeline blew up, what would happen to all that oil, and how much damage would it do?

Why was Alaskan fishing named the most dangerous job in the world?

Fishermen literally risk life and limb to haul in millions of tons of seafood that ends up on our dinner plates. Why would anyone risk death for snow crab?

Are sled dogs a help or hindrance in the Alaskan wilderness?

Is dog still man's best friend in the rugged Alaskan wilderness? Would a pack of sled dogs bog you down or lead you to safety in the icy outdoors?

Quiz: Inventions Alaskans Need

Imaginative inventions could ease the harsh conditions Alaskans face. Take this quiz to test your familiarity with the inventions Alaskans need most.

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