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Survival Gear

Since adventure sports have become more popular, survival gear has evolved to support adventure sports enthusiasts as well as travelers. In this section you'll find articles devoted to survival gear.

Futuristic Survival Capsule Aims to Provide Shelter During Tsunamis

The spherical orange pod could be a saving grace when a storm gets too rough to escape — if you can afford it. See more »

10 Must-have Survival Tools You Probably Already Have

When disaster strikes, you may be stranded at home for a while. How will you manage? The good news is that there's already a wide range of useful survival tools right there in your kitchen or garage. See more »

How to Use a Signal Mirror

Help when you're lost at sea or in the woods could be as close your credit card, cell phone innards or anything else that can make a reflective surface and let you flash a signal. Here's how. See more »

How can a PVC pipe help you survive?

PVC pipe is not only useful in building and transporting water. It has a whole 'nother life as a tool for surviving after a natural disaster. We'll look at some of the unusual uses of PVC. See more »

How Space Blankets Work

They look like aluminum foil and they're quite thin. But you'd be surprised how much this blanket will help you out when you're in a very cold or very hot situation. See more »

How to Use a Survival Knife

There's one element to any wilderness kit that proves itself useful over and over -- the survival knife. What qualities should you look for in your blade and handle, and why is a rugged knife so important in the first place? See more »

How Wilderness Survival Kits Work

You're hiking through a gorgeous state park when an elusive species of wildlife draws you off the beaten path. When the weather suddenly turns for the worse and you find yourself lost, will you have what it takes to survive? See more »

How to Use a Flare Gun

Packing one of these firearms could save you at sea, so don't forget to bring one before you set off on any maritime adventures. And it might help to know how to use it before you set out. See more »

Top 5 Survival Signals

It's cold and dark. Your car is upside down in a snow-covered ditch and you're miles from civilization. How can you make help come to you? See more »

How Reverse Osmosis Desalinators Work

Let's say you're adrift at sea. There's water everywhere, but you can't drink any of it because it's salty. If only you had a contraption to turn seawater into freshwater. See more »