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Discover the southern states from Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky to the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia.

Louisiana Scenic Drive: Creole Nature Trail

Birds, butterflies, and alligators are among the diverse array of wildlife living along Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail. Pick out the best spots to get in touch with the region's animal residents with this guide.

South Carolina Scenic Drives

South Carolina scenic drives offer beautiful views of the textures colors and locations along some of the state's gentle roads. Check out photos highlights and detailed maps for three South Carolina scenic drives. See more »

South Dakota Scenic Drives

South Dakota scenic drives allow you to experience Native American culture and see Mount Rushmore. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for South Dakota scenic drives. See more »

Virginia Scenic Drives

Virginia scenic drives are filled with history and exquisite landcapes. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for two great Virginia scenic drives: Lee's Retreat and Virginia's Skyline Drive. See more »

West Virginia Scenic Drives

West Virginia scenic drives display the state's natural beauty, fascinating history, and warm culture. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for five West Virginia scenic drives. See more »

Maryland Scenic Drives

Maryland scenic drives capture the beauty and history of the state, highlighting popular seaboard attractions. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for two Maryland scenic drives. See more »

West Virginia Scenic Drives: Historic National Road

The Historic National Road winds through West Virginia leading to the place where Virginians chose to become West Virginians and enjoy beautiful landscaping and recreational attractions. Find it all along this short stretch of road. See more »

West Virginia Scenic Drives: Midland Trail

West Virginia's Midland Trail was once a major thoroughfare running through charming towns and scenic overlooks. Trace the path carved out by explorers driving atop the soaring cliffs or rafting down the coursing rapids. See more »

Kentucky Scenic Drives: Country Music Highway

The Country Music Highway traces the length of eastern Kentucky and is the home to many country music stars. Take in the natural beauty and rich history that inspired their songs by pausing for a state park visit museum tour and a genuine country mus See more »

West Virginia Scenic Drives: Highland Scenic Highway

Take a scenic drive on West Virginia's Highland Scenic Highway. This lightly traveled route provides access to more than 150 miles of hiking trails fishing holes and campgrounds. Learn about the highway's four scenic overlooks for spectacular views. See more »

Arkansas Scenic Drives

Arkansas scenic drives consist of remarkable mountains and lowlands along the Mississippi River. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for two great Arkansas scenic drives. See more »