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Water Sports

Water Sports articles cover everything from surfing and cave diving to kayaking. Learn more about water safety and the different types of equipment needed.

Which is faster -- a kayak or a canoe?

If you had to choose between a kayak and a canoe for a race, which one would you pick? Fans of each have been arguing for ages. It's time to settle the debate.

Why Using the Term 'Dry Drowning' Could Do More Harm Than Good

"Dry drowning" sounds scary, and is all over the news. But is it even a real thing? See more »

Ancient Kite Fishing Technique Makes Its Way Into Modern Waters

Forget worms and chum. The next time you go fishing, go fly a kite. See more »

This Guy Tried to Walk Across the Atlantic Ocean in a Bubble — Again

A quixotic aquatic attempt to traverse the ocean between Florida and Bermuda got the Coast Guard involved, and not for the first time. See more »

The Evolution of Surfboard Design

The surfboard must be one of the simpler sports accessories, right? All you need is a board to stand on and some gnarly waves. But to get to modern surfing, the surfboard had to undergo lots of changes. See more »

5 Tips for Outfitting a Canoe for Fishing

For years, people have been discovering the beauty and simplicity of canoe fishing. What's the best way to outfit your canoe without overdoing it -- or capsizing? See more »

10 Surfing Tips for Beginners

Gun. Fish. Leash. Lineup. Fin. Minimal. Goofy foot. Do you know what these words mean in surfer's dialect? You're about to find out. See more »

How long does barotrauma last?

Do you experience pain in your ears when you fly? Then you've encountered barotrauma. What causes that pain, and will it resolve on its own? See more »

Are foot-powered kayaks the next big thing?

Ditch the oar! Now you can power your personal watercraft with the power of your lower body. This twist on the classic kayak sounds fun, but is it really better than paddling? See more »

How can you teach your kids not to be afraid of the water?

Kids aren't inherently afraid of water -- their experiences and the attitudes around them inform their opinions. And you're the main role model, so you set the example. Make it a good one. See more »

How do I keep my kids safe at the pool?

When summer's finally here, visits to the pool are high on most kids' lists of demands. Whether you're hanging out in the backyard pool or heading over to the local swimming hole, it's important to keep your children safe. See more »