Urban Sports

Urban Sports articles explore unusual sports that are performed in busy urban settings. Discover urban sports videos about BASE jumping, Parkour, and more.

The Kids Are All High

Whether they're scrambling up 750-foot Hong Kong skyscrapers or climbing up the world's tallest church, urban climbers are daredevils with a pretty insane view.

10 Urban Sports That Might Get You Arrested

Strange to think that a sport could actually be illegal -- but it could get you arrested if it involves trespassing, injures others or is just plain crazy. Here are 10 sports that could get you in trouble.

10 Things We Want to See in Adult Playgrounds

Outdoor adult fitness areas -- playgrounds for grown-ups -- are sprouting up in cities all over the world. What 10 items would put the most fun into exercise?

10 Craziest Skateboarding Feats

You've surely seen some amazing skateboarding tricks on TV or YouTube. But have you seen the 1080 turn? Or the Loop of Death? Or jumping the Grand Canyon? These are just some of the 10 craziest skateboarding feats. What's No. 1?

Top 10 Cities for Urban Exploration

The draws of urban exploration can be tantalizing: Glimpses into architectural eras, cultures and industry gone and buried -- sometimes literally. What are 10 cities jam-packed with fascinating sites of urban decay?

Is it legal to explore abandoned buildings?

The forgotten past inside abandoned homes, old warehouses and broken-down factories is a siren call for urban explorers. But even if you're just there to look, is it legal to enter?

Is it safer to bike on the sidewalk?

Answering the question of whether it's safer to ride on the sidewalk starts with answering a different one: Is it even legal to do that?

5 Ways to Keep Moving While You Wait for the Green Light

Stuck in traffic again? Don't just sit there. In fact, it might be the perfect time to get in a little exercise. But there's not a lot of room. So what kinds of exercise can you do in your car?

5 Best Cities for Urban Hiking

Urban hiking started out as a necessary part of life in the big city, but now the activity is reserved for those who know the best way to explore a city is to walk it.

How Buildering Works

When mountain climbing becomes too mundane, that's when you go buildering. We'll tell you just what it takes to master this urban sport.