Triathlon Training

Triathlon training is a long, difficult process that often lets you know whether or not you are up to the challenge. There are many types of triathlon training to suit each athlete's needs.

General triathlon training is not sport-specific; rather, it covers everything from mental toughness to endurance to flexibility.

Triathlon bike training can be a lot of fun if done the right way. However, it is also a difficult process that should not be taken lightly. In this section you'll find articles about the different ways of triathlon bike training.

Triathlon run training is probably the most straightforward aspect of triathlon training. However, it is also the most strenuous aspect of the race. In this section you'll find articles about the various types of triathlon run training.

Triathlon swim training is often the least natural aspect of triathlon training. Most people have never been properly trained in swimming technique. In this section you'll learn about the different types of triathlon swim training.