Triathlons aren't just long races; they are a test of an athlete's drive and endurance. Once a person completes a triathlon, it usually sparks an obsession.
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Yoga for triathletes pushes a combination of strength, flexibility and concentration into its routines. The idea is to build up the core muscle groups. Are you using yoga to prepare for the next competition?

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How do triathletes stay motivated?

It's hard for some people to imagine staying motivated enough to swim, bike and run your way to triathlon glory, but plenty of dedicated athletes do it every year. How do they keep up the momentum to make it through all those workouts?

How Strength Training for Triathletes Works

With all of the swimming, biking and running triathletes do in preparation for the big race, you'd think that that might be enough to get you to the finish line. But strength training is an important part of a triathlete's schedule, especially when endurance is such a big factor.

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