How Curling Works

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Author's Note: How Curling Works

Researching this article was like sneaking a glimpse into a thriving underground civilization. I had no idea how huge curling had become. Like most of you, once every four years my awareness of curling increases from "absolute ignorance" to "hey, look at that weird sport" when the Olympics roll around. But to learn that there are curling clubs in 40 U.S. states — including one just miles from my house — and that serious curlers are regularly spending hundreds of dollars on brooms and shoes, that's a sign of a trending sport. The most eye-opening experience came after showing my young kids a video about curling, which they thought was one of the craziest things they had ever seen. After a good laugh, they immediately grabbed a heavy metal pot and two brooms and spent 30 minutes on the icy driveway sliding and sweeping like maniacs. Which makes me wonder, are there curling scholarships?

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