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Running Training

Running training takes practice and dedication. Running training plans are usually fairly strict but they are great for preparing for races. Check out the great running training guides in this section.

5K training isn't all that daunting compared to training for other distance races. There are different 5K training guides to match your level of expertise. Check out these great 5K training guides and tips.

10K training requires dedication and a good plan. In this section, read tips on how to make the most of your training.

Marathon training is a long process but there are plans for every level of runner. Marathon training requires dedication and a good plan but it can still be fun. Check out these great marathon running guides.

Running form affects your speed, endurance and health. Bad form can slow you down and even lead to running injuries. Check out this section to find great articles on proper running form.

Running motivation can be lost pretty easily. If you ask most people, they'll say that staying on the couch sounds better than going running. But running motivation can be practiced and reinforced with a little bit of effort.

Speed training for runners is integral for those looking to compete against others or their own personal times. Speed training for runners often involves improving form and teaching your legs how to move faster.

Strength training for runners is extremely important. Not only does it help improve your overall fitness, it also helps you run faster and for longer periods of time. Check out these great guides to strength training for runners.