Running training takes practice and dedication. Running training plans are usually fairly strict but they are great for preparing for races. Check out the great running training guides in this section.
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Runners normally train by, well, running. You need strong legs and lungs to run well, but what about your back, chest and abs? Pilates strengthens those areas and improves endurance as well. Just one workout a week will make a huge difference.

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How Core Strength Training for Runners Works

Late-night infomercials advertising ab-strengthening rockers, loungers and workout DVDs insist that all you need are six-pack abs. But core strength training for runners goes beyond sculpting a washboard stomach. What can a strong core do for you?

How to Train for Your First 10K

Though it may seem like a long run, the 10k isn't something out of reach, even if you're just getting started running. But don't hit the pavement without getting your body ready for the effort first.

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