Traditional Hunting Methods

Traditional hunting methods include bow hunting and rifle hunting. Traditional hunting methods require the hunter to be in open terrain where animals aren't fenced, lured with bait or shot from great distances.

How Hunting Calls Work

It takes more than muttering "gobble gobble" to attract a turkey into shooting range. Hunters master all kinds of calls to lure prey. How do they make these sounds?

How Hunting ATVs Work

An ATV can make a hunter's job a whole lot easier. And you can even buy one in camo to match your outfit.

How to Choose a Hunting Knife

If you select carefully, you may luck into one lone knife that meets all of your hunting needs. But which to choose -- folding or fixed, carbon steel or stainless steel?

How Bowfishing Works

Are you an archery fanatic who can't get enough target practice or a hunter who longs for an extended hunting season? You just might find yourself interested in this nontraditional approach to catching fish.

How Hunting Blinds Work

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating to a hunter than being discovered by a target. One way to get an advantage over your prey is to use hunting blinds.

How Hunting with Dogs Works

Hunting is a controversial sport, and when you throw dogs into the mix the debate becomes even more heated. Is it unethical to hunt with dogs?

How Trapping Works

Animal trapping has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. But if you're about to go out trapping with a cardboard box and a stick, you might want to read up here and get some tips.

How do you mask your scent while you hunt?

A deer's nose is extremely sensitive, and the better it can smell you, the less likely you are to get a shot at it. What can you do to cover up your human scent?

How Tree Stands Work

You might think hunting generally takes place on foot, but tree stands let hunters stealthily pursue their quarry from above. How can these structures allow you to get your game?

How to Set Up a Tree Stand

Tree stands are important tools for hunters to help them get the right angle for a kill. But they can be dangerous if you don't set them up correctly. How can you avoid a serious fall?

What is still hunting?

Still hunting isn't what it sounds like. It's actually about as different as can be from sitting tight in a tree stand. So what is still hunting, and why do you need a compass, map and orienteering skills worthy of Davy Crockett to do it right?