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Hunting Regulations

Hunting regulations dictate the hunting seasons, bag limits, poaching laws and many other aspects of hunting. Hunting regulations differ from state to state so it's important to know how certain regions' hunting regulations differ.

Why can you only hunt certain game in certain seasons?

The opening day of hunting season is a big deal for sport hunter. After all, they don't get to hunt whenever they want to. But what determines the dates of hunting seasons, and why do they differ from animal to animal?

How Hunting Licenses Work

Hunting licenses are an important aspect of hunting because they help ensure safety. Learn more about hunting licenses at HowStuffWorks. See more »

What's considered big game?

Big game animals vary from location to location, but they're thrilling and challenging to hunt. Learn about big game animals and big game hunting. See more »

How is the deer population counted?

Deer population is used to determine the number of hunting licenses for a given season. Learn about deer population and traditional and modern deer counts. See more »

Why can you only hunt certain game in certain seasons?

Hunting seasons protect the animal population and the recreational value of the sport. Read about hunting season and hunting season dates are set. See more »

Is wolf hunting legal?

Is wolf hunting legal? In most parts of the United States they're endangered, but in other places, wolves thrive. Find out: Is wolf hunting legal? See more »