This hunting section provides information on responsible hunting, hunting methods, hunting clubs and handling game. This hunting guide will teach you about the various ideals held by hunters, then you can decide how you would like to approach hunting.
  • Alternative Hunting Methods
  • Game Handling
  • Hunting Clubs and Organizations
  • Hunting Principles
  • Hunting Regulations
  • Traditional Hunting Methods
Play the Crab Fishing Game!

It's not you who chooses the rifle. Nor, for that matter, does the rifle choose you. Here's a hint: What you're hunting makes all the difference.

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How Long-Range Hunting Works

Can you shoot a deer from more than a mile away? Why yes, yes you can. If you know how long-range hunting works, that is. Why do some people make a fuss about the sport?

What's a controlled hunt?

Controlled hunts can go by other names, but whatever you call them, the idea is to limit the number of hunters allowed to participate and put restrictions on the amount of game that can be killed.

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