This hunting section provides information on responsible hunting, hunting methods, hunting clubs and handling game. This hunting guide will teach you about the various ideals held by hunters, then you can decide how you would like to approach hunting.
  • Alternative Hunting Methods
  • Game Handling
  • Hunting Clubs and Organizations
  • Hunting Principles
  • Hunting Regulations
  • Traditional Hunting Methods

Trapping animals has been a method of acquiring food or fur for thousands of years. Today, trapping is also regulated by states to control their populations, as well as to avoid having animals suffer. Take this quiz to learn more about trapping animals.

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The poaching of fish, wild animals and even plants is a problem for countries all around the world. Before you hunt, check into your state's laws to ensure your hunting is legal. Take this quiz to learn more about the practice of poaching.

How Sport Hunting Works

Hunting purely for sport has long been controversial. Hunters believe they're helping to control a species' population size, while those who oppose the sport feel hunting for recreational purposes -- and a big trophy -- is inappropriate.

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