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10 Classic Camping Meals

Classic Campfire Cooking No. 3: Broiled Fish

If you can catch your dinner, why not eat it?
If you can catch your dinner, why not eat it?

If you're camping near a waterway, you might be lucky or skilled enough to catch yourself a main dinner course. Broiled fish, particularly trout, is a camping must. It's also another way to "rough it" and practice some camping ingenuity by making what the "Boy Scout Handbook" calls a rustic broiler (which works for steak as well as fish). Find a forked branch, hold the fish inside it, and then run two or three sticks in across the width and length of the fish, with the ends resting alternately on the top and bottom of the sides of the branch so as to hold the fish in place. Place the handle of the broiler in the ground so that the "netting" of the broiler and the fish rests over the coals or fire. Broil for about five minutes on each side.

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