Freshwater fishing tips can help you tackle any lake, river, pond or stream like an expert angler. Becoming a great freshwater angler requires the right gear and a little know-how so check out these freshwater fishing tips and get on the right track.
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Play the Crab Fishing Game!


You're a seasoned angler and feel that you've outgrown bass, trout and the like. You're just itching to lay your hands on the elusive muskie. Is it as difficult as they say? Take this quiz to learn more about catching muskie.

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How the Bass Spawn Works

When it's time to spawn, bass waste little time. In fact, the entire spawning process can occur in as little as three weeks. The male bass is responsible for most of the spawning duties, such as building a nest and attracting a mate.

The Ultimate Lake Trout Fishing Quiz

A great way to relax after a stressful work schedule is to hit your favorite lake for a day of lake trout fishing. Many people think of trout as a small-sized game fish, but lake trout can weigh in at over 90 pounds each. Lake trout have been known to live for well over 20 years, so the big ones can make a worthy opponent. Learn more about lake trout fishing by taking our quiz.