Freshwater fishing tips can help you tackle any lake, river, pond or stream like an expert angler. Becoming a great freshwater angler requires the right gear and a little know-how so check out these freshwater fishing tips and get on the right track.
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Fishing for walleye is an exercise in patience, planning and proper technique. In order to get it right, you need to take into account weather conditions, the size of your boat, the time of day and lots more. Learn more about fishing for walleye by taking this quiz.

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How the Walleye Spawn Works

One of the most interesting times to find walleye is during the spawn. Temperature plays an important role in determining when the spawn occurs so warming trends are important. Once you've found the walleye, a slow pace will help you land the catch.

How the Trout Spawn Works

Trout spawning is a very exciting moment in the lifecycle of the trout. The trout spawn is a perfect example of reproductive processes found in the natural world. So head down to your local lake or river and see some trout spawn.

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