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Responsible Fishing

Responsible fishing is important to the future of the sport. Responsible fishing protects the fish and the waters they swim in. Fishing responsibly can help ensure that future generations can enjoy the sport as well.

How Fish Fraud Works

That red snapper you're enjoying for dinner might well be tilapia. Learn more about fish fraud at HowStuffWorks. See more »

5 Wackiest Ways to Go Fishing

What are the wackiest ways to go fishing? From fishing by hand to reeling in marlins from a kayak, learn about the wackiest ways to go fishing. See more »

Dogtooth Tuna

ot exactly known for being the most attractive fish in the sea, the dogtooth tuna has, in recent years, become increasingly sought after by sport fishermen seeking a challenge. See more »

Fly Fishing

If you've ever watched a fly fisherman wade into the river and begin to dance his glinting line above the rushing water, you've probably developed an envy of his art -- not to mention his gear. See more »

Helicopter Fishing

When you saw the words "helicopter fishing," you probably assumed we were going to tell how to emulate "Madman of the Sea" and "Man vs. Fish" host Matt Watson's feat of diving from a chopper into the Pacific Ocean and landing on the back of a big marlin. See more »

Ice Fishing

There's no standard rule of thumb for what kind of person might undertake the sport of ice fishing, aside from being able to deal with bitterly cold weather. See more »

Jet Ski Fishing

Have you seen the clip of "Man vs. Fish" and "Madman of the Sea" host Matt Watson wrestling with a marlin from the precarious perch of a Sea-Doo? Looks a bit extreme, doesn't it? See more »

5 Tips for Removing Fish Hooks

Catch-and-release is becoming more and more popular among fishermen who want to make sure the fishing in their favorite spot remains good. It's the purest sort of fishing, practiced by anglers who enjoy the thrill of the fight but want to give a worthy adversary the opportunity to go on living -- and perhaps to fight the line another day. See more »

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