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Fish Populations

Fish populations sometimes dwindle or skyrocket depending on the availability of food, how heavily they are fished and various natural factors. Fish populations are monitored in order to protect species from endangerment or extinction.

What are fish managers?

With so many people fishing, it's possible that some species could be become extinct. Who keeps an eye on the fish population to ensure it doesn't get fished out?

How are fishing quotas set?

Fishing quotas are put in place to manage the amount of fish commercial fishermen take out of the sea. Learn more about fishing quotas. See more »

How are fishing reports created?

Fishing reports compile observations about water temperatures, weather conditions and fish activities. Find out how the experts write fishing reports. See more »

How can a catfish grow so big?

There are big catfish, and then there are really big catfish. Some weigh in the hundreds of pounds. Learn more about big catfish here. See more »

What's the biggest threat to freshwater habitats?

The freshwater habitat is crucial to human survival. It's also crucial to plant and animal life. Find out more about threats to freshwater habitats. See more »

What are fish ladders?

Fish ladders provide a way for migrating fish to get around obstacles like dams. But what goes into designing fish ladders, and how do they work? See more »

How Fish Stocking Works

Fish stocking is a fish management tool that works by releasing fish bred in hatcheries into the wild. But there's some controversy over fish stocking. See more »

What are fish managers?

Fisheries management require fish managers who maintain healthy fish populations and make sure they aren't at risk. Learn about fisheries management. See more »

How Fisheries Work

Fisheries can be places where people breed fish, a location to catch fish, catching fish for profit or the right to catch fish. Learn about fisheries. See more »

How can panfish populations benefit from anglers?

Fish stunting can be prevented by anglers if they go after crappie as well as big bass. Read about fish stunting and this survival-of-the-fittest phenomenon. See more »