Fish conservation helps to keep the sport of fishing alive. It also helps to maintain the balance of certain ecosystems. Fish are important to the planet and fish conservation can help maintain nature's balance.
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Catch and release is a way to fish that both proves your skill as a fisherman and demonstrates ecological responsibility. But this works only if you know how to remove the hook without injuring the fish. It takes practice to be able to set a fish free as quickly as possible, because the longer you take, the less of a chance the fish has of surviving. Take this quiz to learn about how to remove a fish hook safely.

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Many fishermen release the fish they catch. But those fish don't always survive their battle wounds. It takes special skill to help a fish back into the water. How do you do it?

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At maturity, catfish come in a wide range of sizes. Some little guys can be as tiny as 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. And some can grow to mammoth sizes. But none have anything on the Mekong giant catfish.

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