Fish conservation helps to keep the sport of fishing alive. It also helps to maintain the balance of certain ecosystems. Fish are important to the planet and fish conservation can help maintain nature's balance.
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Individual fishing quotas or IFQs are the limits set for commercial fisheries. These quotas are necessary to protect some fish species from being overfished into extinction. Take this quiz and see how the fishing quota system works.

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Have you ever caught a fish and wanted it to survive? Catch and release is an effective method of releasing fish back into the water with little injury and maximum survival chances. It can let you prove your skill as a fisherman and still contribute to the ecology by helping a species thrive. Take this quiz to learn more about the techniques of catching and releasing fish.

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A fishery is an organization involved in raising or harvesting fish that is recognized by the government and has certain legal obligations. It may engage in the process of raising fish through a hatchery or aquaculture or by capturing wild fish. Most fisheries catch fish in the wild, but the number of fish farms has increased recent years. Take this to learn more about fishery.

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