Fishing is an ancient activity that is among the world's most popular pastimes. Fishing can be very relaxing and serene. It can also be an exciting event for the whole family. With so many types of fishing, the possibilities are endless.
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If you can't decide between the salmon or the chicken, Mother Nature just might make the choice for you. Factors like overfishing, pollution and dams are causing salmon to disappear.

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If your idea of bait is a harmless little worm, think again. Some fish bait contains viruses that infect entire lakes and rivers, causing skeletal deformation and even death for the fish that eat it. What happens if you eat one of these fish?

How to Hold a Walleye

You've reeled in a big, beautiful walleye. This fine catch deserves a picture, but it's putting up quite the fight, and that jaw full of teeth is less than inviting. If only you knew the best way to hold a walleye.

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