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Top 10 Mountains to Climb

Fitzroy and Cerro Torre, Patagonia
Snow covers the mountain peaks of Patagonia.
Snow covers the mountain peaks of Patagonia.
Tim Chapman/Liaison/Getty Images

Located in both Argentina and Chile in the southernmost part of the Andes, the mountains of Patagonia climb to breathtaking heights. The peaks of Fitzroy, 11,073 feet (3,375 meters) above sea level, and Cerro Torre, 10,262 feet (3,128 meters) above sea level, offer truly breathtaking scenes of granite peaks that jut out into the sky and vertical faces of the mountains that fall away for about a mile down.

Due to the influence of the weather patterns of the nearby ocean, you'll be likely to encounter somewhat temperate weather throughout most of Patagonia, but temperatures during the winter have been known to drop below freezing.

With granite spires of sheer faces, these rocky peaks feature steep inclines, so rock climbing experience is helpful in conquering their heights.

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