Using Your Gears

Okay, so now you have good gears and are maintaining them properly; the last step is to use them correctly! There's nothing too difficult about this. If you have a triple chain ring, for instance, you want to be in either the middle or the big ring on flat ground, the big ring downhill, and the middle or small ring going uphill. How do you know if you are in the "right" gear? Well, ideally you want to be pedaling anywhere from 70-100 revolutions per minute, so if it feels like you are struggling, and you aren't going up a 20% incline, then you should shift into an easier gear.

Lastly, you should avoid crossing your chain. Crossing your chain refers to situations where you are in, for example, the big ring on the front, and the easiest gear in the back (technically, the smallest tooth cassette). This causes the chain to rub the front derailleur, and it also reduces the life span of chain and cassette.

If you follow these simple steps, cycling can be even more fun and rewarding!