Know the Rules
Mountain bike jump

You don't want to try high jumps like this one if you're new to mountain biking.

©iStockPhoto/Jon Faulknor

As with other sports, mountain biking has its own set of rules, many of which were created by the International Mountain Biking Association. Here are few key rules to remember:

  • Ride only on open trails. Always follow the signs and route markers, and get to know the trails well.
  • Stay in control. Watch your speed, slow down around tight corners, and don't try any tricks beyond your skill level.
  • Yield the trail. When you get near another person, slow down. Let them know you're approaching and signal that you want to pass.
  • Be prepared. Bring along a repair kit and extra supplies, so you don't get stuck out on the trail.
  • Clean up. Any trash you bring with you should go back home with you or be disposed of properly.
  • Watch out for animals. Never approach wild animals or startle them.

[source: IMBA]