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National Parks

National park is a term used to denote a reserved area of land owned by the government. Explore all of the parks and learn about their natural scenery and historic values.

Family Vacations: Sand Bar State Park

Vermont's Sand Bar State Park features a variety of wildlife and one of the best beaches on Lake Champlain. Activities range from swimming and windsurfing to birdwatching. Find out more about Sand Bar State Park.

10 Great Ways Your Family Can Help Clean Local Parks

What's not to love about your local park? It's where you have picnics and play ball. When your park starts showing signs of too much love -- chipped paint, crushed flower beds and more -- what can you do to spruce it up? See more »

10 Family Fun Activities You Can Do at a Park

Public parks are excellent places to spend time with your family. With so many possible activities available in park settings, the only thing lacking may be time to enjoy them all. See more »

5 Camping Activities Your Kids Will Love

Camping is a relaxing and inexpensive outing for the family. What activities will dial up the fun for your kids while they enjoy the great outdoors? See more »

How to Have an Active Family Vacation at a Park

If your family likes to sit on the couch like lumps and be bored out of their minds, then this article isn't for you. But if you've got kids who love adventures and sightseeing -- or if you like having fun while saving money -- keep reading. See more »

10 Things to Bring on a Family Camping Trip

Packing the right gear ensures that every member of your family has a great time in the great outdoors. If you're uncertain about what to bring along on your adventure, we've got you covered! See more »

National Park Pictures

Ever since the first national park was established in the United States, they've been a getaway for relaxation and adventure for humans, and a safe haven for wildlife. Take a journey through America's national parks. See more »

Family Vacations: Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia is one of the largest tracts of protected Eastern woodlands. Learn what really makes it a mecca for vacationers and outdoorspeople of all stripes -- fishers, hikers, mountain bikers, and paddlers. See more »

Family Vacations: Ouachita National Forest

Ouachita National Forest spans 1.8 million acres in a wide swath north of Hot Springs, Arkansas, that reaches all the way to Oklahoma. The forest is known for its streams and pristine lakes. Learn about family vacations in Ouachita National Forest. See more »

Family Vacations: Green Mountains

The Green Mountains of Vermont are full of surprises. The historic range is a the place for caving, hiking, skiing and gawking -- that's what most visitors do. Learn about vacations in the snow-capped peaks or Vermont's colorful autumn foliage. See more »

Family Vacations: Boston's Public Gardens

Boston's Public Gardens features the oldest botanical garden in America including 600 varieties of trees and elaborate flower displays. Children can enjoy scenic boat rides and duck feeding. Find out more about Boston's Public Gardens. See more »