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National Parks

National park is a term used to denote a reserved area of land owned by the government. Explore all of the parks and learn about their natural scenery and historic values.

Family Vacations: Odiorne Point State Park

Odiorne Point New Hampshire's largest undeveloped stretch of shore is backed by marshes sand dunes and dense vegetation. Visitors enjoy boating trails and new playground areas. Find out more about Odiorne Point State Park.

10 Great Ways Your Family Can Help Clean Local Parks

Your family can help clean local parks to make them safe and fun for the community. Learn 10 great ways your family can help clean local parks. See more »

10 Family Fun Activities You Can Do at a Park

There are lots of family fun activities you can do at a park. Learn about things to do with the family at the park. See more »

5 Camping Activities Your Kids Will Love

There are lots of camping activities your kids will love. See what tops our list of camping activities your kids will love. See more »

How to Have an Active Family Vacation at a Park

Active family vacations don't have to be far away from home. Learn how to have an active family vacation at a park. See more »

10 Things to Bring on a Family Camping Trip

What should you bring on a family camping trip? Complete your packing checklist with these things to bring on a family camping trip. See more »

National Park Pictures

These national park pictures show the highlights of the U.S. National Park system. See pictures of the National Parks in the United States See more »

Family Vacations: Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest offers hiking, fishing, boating and camping. Learn more about this forest and other family vacations in West Virginia. See more »

Family Vacations: Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita National Forest offers visitors hiking, fishing, and gorgeous scenery. Learn more about Ouachita and other family vacations in Arkansas. See more »

Family Vacations: Green Mountains

The Green Mountains lure visitors throughout its six seasons. Learn why the snow-capped mountains are a must visit and which two seasons to avoid. See more »

Family Vacations: Boston's Public Gardens

Boston’s Public Gardens features America’s oldest botanical garden, scenic boat rides, and duck feeding. Find out more about Boston’s Public Gardens. See more »