Learn How to Survive in the Wild
Could you survive sleeping overnight in a freezing snow bank? What would you do if you found yourself floating naked on the open sea? Learn how to survive almost any environment in this playlist.
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Dual Survival: Sleeping In Snow
One of the only ways to create shelter in the middle of snow covered mountains is to use the surrounding elements. Watch as Dave and Cody dig deep into the snow to create a cave to sleep in for the night.
Dual Survival: Sleeping In Snow
One of the only ways to create shelter in the middle of snow covered mountains is to use the surrounding elements. Watch as Dave and Cody dig deep into the snow to create a cave to sleep in for the night.
Dual Survival: Snowed In
Dave and Cody will show how to escape one of North America's most unforgiving winter environments, using only a few survival materials.
Dual Survival: Sock Hydration
While regaining body heat by a fire, Dave and Cody hydrate themselves, but Cody's method of hydration is just a little different than Dave's.
Dual Survival: Standing Out In Snow
The best winter rescue signal is using bright, unnatural colors contrasted against snow. Watch as Dave Canterbury walks out onto a frozen lake to set a signal.
Get Out Alive: A Fateful Call
Joe Sbaffoni -- then Pennsylvania's director of deep-mine safety -- remembers the late-night phone call that plunged him into a terrifying race against time.
Get Out Alive: Heartbreaking Mismatch
Security officer Carl Mason recalls the moment when all his and his colleague's diversionary tactics had failed, and the first Somali pirate stepped aboard the Biscaglia.
Get Out Alive: Naked at Sea
Security office Mike Kelly recalls the moment when he heard that there were no guns on the ship he was expected to help protect in a potentially hostile environment.
Get Out Alive: Normalcy No More
Blaine Mayhugh was in a hurry the afternoon of July 24, 2002, when he left for work at Quecreek Mine. Little did he know it was nearly the last time he ever saw his family.
Get Out Alive: Planning the Escape
Upon realizing there are twice as many pirates as they originally thought, security officers Carl Mason and Mike Kelly come up with an alternate plan.
Get Out Alive: Rescue Conundrum
With rescuers drilling above their heads and cold water rushing in, the miners' conditions would get worse -- and borderline deadly -- before they would get better.
Get Out Alive: The Long Wait
In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, miner Blaine Mayhugh came to the realization that he may have survived down there, but no one above ground knew that.
Get Out Alive: The Nightmare Begins
British security officers Carl Mason and Mike Kelly recall trying to keep well-armed Somali pirates at bay with nothing but their oil tanker's water cannons.
How to Survive: Kidnapped
Domestic and foreign kidnapping are on the rise. When in captivity, there are a few things that will keep you alive. Find out what they are in this video from Discovery Channel's "How to Survive."
Man vs. Wild: Bear Bath
In freezing-cold Iceland, Bear Grylls uses rocks and moss to create a makeshift (and in his words, heavenly) hot tub.
Man vs. Wild: Bogged Down
Struggling to keep his attitude positive, Bear Grylls suffers a setback when Iceland's boggy terrain takes a liking to his leg.
Man vs. Wild: Boiling Mud
See why Bear Grylls calls a mud pit located above an active volcano in Iceland a "nasty way to go."
Man vs. Wild: Episode 5
There are plenty of large animals to catch in Norway. Watch as Bear Grylls sets up an Elk trap.
Man vs. Wild: Episode 6
Bear Grylls braves the skies of Norway. Watch to see how Bear Grylls jumps out of a helicopter over the Norwegian mountains, cuts his main parachute and then opens his reserve for a safe landing.
Man vs. Wild: Episode 7
Check out Bear Grylls as he attempts to cross over a treacherous river 120 feet up using nothing but a thin rope.
Man vs. Wild: Episode 8
Do you think you could cross through a violent white water river? Think again, not even Bear Grylls can accomplish this task.
Man vs. Wild: Hear Me Now?
If you're lost in the wild with a busted cell phone and no means to make a fire, Bear Grylls an idea for you (but only as a last resort).
Man vs. Wild: Inelegant Progress
Navigating one's way -- alone, and with limited equipment -- through Iceland's glaciers may not be graceful, but Bear Grylls sure manages to make it work.
Man vs. Wild: Mega Stench
Along the Icelandic coastline, Bear Grylls stumbles across a massive -- and putrefied -- whale carcass. (And we do mean putrefied.)
Man vs. Wild: Ticking Time Bomb
Ever been dropped off -- during a blizzard, no less -- on an ice cap that is covering an active volcano? Welcome to Iceland, Bear Grylls.
Man, Woman, Wild: Fishing for Food
Mike and Ruth take turns hunting for fish. See if they ever catch their dinner with just a spear in hand.
Man, Woman, Wild: Night Hunting
Mike and Ruth explore the island in the dark to look for food in the traps they set.
Man, Woman, Wild: Water and Shelter
Mike and Ruth look for water sources and shelters.
Out of the Wild: Floating On
On day 23, the group place their raft in the river and begin to float on, hopefully towards civilization.
Out of the Wild: Out of the Wild
After being picked up by strangers on the side of the road, the group arrives in a nearby town and surprisingly enough, their loved ones are there to greet them.
Out of the Wild: Rescued At Last
After 26 grueling days in the Venezuelan terrain, the group of adventurers flag down a truck passing by to take them to the nearest town.
Out of the Wild: Saved By Strangers
After traveling nearly 20 miles on the Kukenan River, the group comes across the first group of people they have seen throughout their entire journey.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 1
A group of nine adventure seekers are dropped off on the summit of treacherous Mount Roraima. Their first task is to descend sheer cliffs and seek shelter before the sun goes down.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 10
Michael approaches Sam to ask permission to use coal from his fire to start a new one in order to keep the shelter warm. Sam does not believe Michael's motives are a priority and voices his opinion on the matter.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 11
Sam and Brad attempt to extract wasp nests, but they find themselves having difficulty avoiding a potentially deadly sting.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 12
A jungle may look pretty, but once you are inside of it, your life could potentially be in danger. The group makes their way through the jungle and cross paths with a Boa Constrictor.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 2
As the rains come and temperatures plummet, the team struggles to erect shelters while Carolina begins to show dangerous signs of hypothermia.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 3
The group begins their journey down off Mount Roraima to seek supplies and better shelter but Michael struggles with his deep-seated fear of heights.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 4
The group has found the cave that will serve as their shelter for the night only to find it's infested with scorpions and tarantulas.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 5
With night approaching, the group must find their first shelter before darkness brings too much danger.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 6
The group arrives at their supplies cache and chooses which items to take on their journey.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 7
While trying to locate their camp site for the night, the group struggles to fight their way through the dark and highly dangerous jungle.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 8
After Michael catches a viper, he demonstrates how to prepare the remains for cooking.
Out of the Wild: Venezuela, Episode 9
With the group's moral and energy levels plummeting, Michael decides to go into the jungle to attempt to catch potential food. He is able to track down and catch a pit viper.
Worst Case Scenario: Outwitting a Pursuer
Knowledge can outrun ability. See how Bear Grylls attempts to elude his fleet-footed human pursuers.