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Historic Sites

The preservation of the America's historic sites and landmarks is key in maintaining the integrity of these sites. Discover the birthplace of Lincoln, the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and more.

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site

When the U.S. Supreme Court issued its historic ruling on the Brown v. Board of Education case, Chief Justice Warren stated that education is the very foundation of good citizenship. Read more about the Brown v. Board of Education Historic Site.

Top 10 Most Controversial Historical Sites

While the United States has its share of notorious sites to visit, you'd have to take a trip around the world to hit the most infamous of the bunch. Where are they, and why are they so controversial? See more »

How Easter Island Works

Much of Easter Island's haunting past remains a mystery, though clues have surfaced about the people, their culture and their fateful decline. What's the real story? See more »

11 Structures that Define America

The United States has numerous buildings and other structures that represent the freedom and opportunity expressed in the American dream. Here are a few of those defining monuments. See more »

National Memorials

America's national memorials commemorate historic people, places, and events that helped make America what it is today. Read about national memorials. See more »

McLoughlin House National Historic Site

Thirteen miles south of Portland, in Oregon City, stands the McLoughlin House, one of the few remaining pioneer homes in the former Oregon Country. Read about the McLoughlin House National Historic Site. See more »

Whitman Mission National Historic Site

In 1836, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and others successfully crossed the North American continent from New York to the largely unknown land called Oregon Country. Read more about Whitman Mission National Historic Site. See more »

Eugene ONeill National Historic Site

Overlooking the San Ramon Valley and distant Mount Diablo in California, Tao House was once home to Eugene O'Neill, one of America's greatest playwrights. Learn more about the site dedicated to his life and work. See more »

Fort Bowie National Historic Site

A footpath weaves through Fort Bowie National Historic Site, roughly paralleling a historic military wagon road past ruins and reminders of the bloody fight for control of Apache Pass. Learn about Fort Bowie National Historic Site. See more »

Golden Spike National Historic Site

On May 10, 1869, workers from the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads met at Promontory Summit in Utah and drove the golden and silver spikes that connected the East to the West. Check out Golden Spike National Historic Site. See more »

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

Unlike many of the old frontier outposts, the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Arizona, dating back to 1878, is still doing business. Learn about Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. See more »