The world's famous landmarks inspire wonder and have been celebrated for centuries. Learn more about famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.
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Though tours of the White House have been very limited since Sept. 11 2001 (trips must be approved six months in advance) a stroll past this iconic home is the perfect way to begin or end a tour of the nearby museums and landmarks in downtown DC.

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Eiffel Tower

Strong as iron and delicate as lace, the Eiffel Tower is the romantic symbol of Paris. Its design was disdained by the city's artists and writers, who protested the tower's construction for the Universal Exposition. Read about the Eiffel Tower.


No one knows who erected the massive Stonehenge or why but the romance and mystery of it continue to fascinate. Even today during the summer solstice you can stand at the central Altar Stone and witness the sun rising precisely over the Heel Stone lo

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