Disaster Scenarios

You usually hear about plane crashes or search and rescue missions on the news. We'll explore how to survive disasters like this and more.

10 Possible Future Disasters

Catastrophe takes many forms and could occur at any moment, so sometimes dread gets the best of us. But some of our fears are justified. What disasters may really be in our future?

The Heart-breaking End of Legendary Adventurer Sir Ernest Shackleton

A pair of physicians are proposing that the great British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton died from a hole in his heart.

Can drones be used for search and rescue?

They can be, and they already are, but there's a lot more that we could do with drones to save lives.

10 People Who Survived the Impossible

The will to survive is ingrained in all of us, but some have had that will tested to the extremes. What would you do to stay alive if you were stranded in the desert or thrown overboard at sea? Find out what these 10 people did.

10 Disaster Survival Tips for Pets

If you live in a disaster-prone area, you probably know how to prepare your home and what to stock up on in case a hurricane or tornado strikes. But have you thought about what to do with your pet? That's a part of disaster preparedness, too.

Who pays for search and rescue operations?

When two thrill-seeking snowboarders decide to take a chance on a slope that's marked off-limits, it's the tax payers who ultimately pay for their rescue. Or, do the rule-breaking skiers foot the bill?

How the Coast Guard Foundation Works

The Coast Guard performs search and rescue duties to save people in trouble. But who helps out its members when they're in need? A nonprofit called the Coast Guard Foundation.

5 Amazing Rescues

Superman, Spider-Man and Batman use supernatural powers to save people in distress. But regular old humans and animals have some tricks up their sleeves as well. What are they?

Top 10 Everyday Items You Can Repurpose in a Survival Scenario

You may not be envious of MacGyver's mullet, but having a talent for surviving the elements with only a wristwatch, socks and a soda can is pretty cool.

Top 10 Survival Tools

Let's say your vacation tour group ditches you in the outback. Or your car slips off an icy road in the middle of nowhere. Will you have the tools to save your life?