retired Caucasian couple standing  in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris

A travel club is a great way to see exciting destinations -- without the hassle of planning the entire trip yourself!

© Choi

You've seen lots of changes over the decades, and now you want to see some of the world. Retirement travel can be different from the vacations you took when you were younger. Back then, you were boxed in by work and children's school schedules and making sure the kids had a good time on your trips. These days, your vacations can be on your own terms and completely focused on your interests.

But that doesn't necessarily mean you want to travel alone. Travel clubs for retirees offer the opportunity to share your vacation adventures with similarly aged, like-minded adults. There are some definite benefits -- friendship, safety in numbers and potential discounts for groups. Plus, you can split the planning duties and let someone else do the driving!

There are all kinds of travel clubs, so keep reading for tips on finding one that's right for you.