The Counselors Are Kids, Too
kids with camp counselor

Can you spot the counselor in this picture? Hint: She's holding a clipboard.


You can assume that the people watching over your kid for the next several weeks are competent, capable adults, but a lot of counselors are practically children themselves!

Although some camps require their counselors to be 18 or older (and a few maintain a strict over-21 rule), many sites employ counselors as young as 16 and accept 14- and 15-year-old junior counselors.

Whoa. Kids ruling themselves, á la "Lord of the Flies?" In reality, it's perfectly safe and not at all savage. Summer camps are highly organized, and the camp's director -- who will be an actual adult -- is calling the shots. Besides, all of the counselors, regardless of their age, have been trained and perhaps certified for the job, which is more than you might be able to say about your babysitter.