World's Largest Tire: Allen Park, Mich.
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The World's Largest Tire was used as a Ferris wheel at the World's Fair before being moved to Allen Park, Michigan. Learn more in this article.

The 80-foot Uniroyal Tire didn't start out as just a tire. It was first a Ferris wheel at the New York 1964-1965 World's Fair before its creators brought it home to Michigan. While it would fit on a 200-foot-tall car just fine, today, the 12-ton radial serves as an advertisement at Uniroyal headquarters just off I-94.

The tire was built to withstand hurricane force winds, so you should pay no mind to the rumor that it was dislodged at one point and rolled across the highway. Uniroyal also pulled a little publicity stunt in 1998 when it punctured the tire with the world's largest nail in order to help promote its new puncture-resistant tire.