Tips for Planning an RV Road Trip

Don't forget to take lots of pictures on your road trip! You'll want to remember those moments forever.

Digital Vision/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Everybody loves a road trip, at least in theory. Whether the word conjures up a solitary motorcycle ride, a cross-country trip with best friends, or even childhood family vacations, there's something about hitting the road that we just can't resist. And a lot of us, when we build our own families, jump at the idea of taking our kids on a great adventure.

Lots of family vacations are about the destination -- whether it's a theme park or a national park -- but a road trip is just as much about the journey. That's a big responsibility and a very ambitious trip. But with a little preparation, you can head off complications before they happen. This list will give you some of the pointers that seasoned travelers know can take a good trip and make it a great one.