Mobile Video System
child watching television in car

Mobile entertainment screens can be installed in any vehicle to keep your passengers happily entertained.


They're standard in many minivans, but you can install a mobile video system in any car, too. They're the perfect antidote to that dreaded query, "Are we there yet?" Some systems mount the video monitor in the back of the driver's and front passenger's headrests, so that backseat passengers have a good view. Other systems have screens that drop down from the ceiling. The sound can play through the car's stereo system, but individual headphones usually make more sense. Noise cancelling headphones filter out road noise.

In addition to watching movies or television shows on DVD, passengers can play video games, including head-to-head competitions. Systems come with USB ports and card readers, allowing them to play any video or audio files you've saved. For example, you might collect a group of internet videos or DVDs about your destination or attractions along the way, so passengers can get excited about the places they're about to visit.