Keep the Little Rascals Happy

Kids often find car trips BOR-ING, but gadgets can help them enjoy road travel. The Leapster 2 handheld video game system help tots pass the time, and it's both entertaining and educational. A Fischer-Price Kid-Tough digital camera lets kids take pictures as they go and is rugged enough to survive being dropped.

Some passengers love to curl up in the car with a good book, and that no longer means filling the car with a small library. Today, e-readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook give readers access to hundreds of books with the push of a button. The e-paper screens on these readers are great for reading in cars because they reduce glare and eye strain.

E-readers are steadily improving. The Kindle DX boasts a nine-inch screen. Newer versions of the Nook offer color images -- ideal for kids' picture books.

Another great feature of e-readers is that when you finish your Janet Evanovich thriller, you can download her next book over a WiFi or 3G network. You can also keep up on your favorite magazines and newspapers so you stay in the know while you're on the road.