Mobile Wireless Internet
Mobile router by Autonet

Mobile routers like this one offered by Autonet ensure that you're connected to the Internet wherever you roam.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Systems like the Autonet Mobile router let you take the Internet with you in your car. You can file a sales report, listen to Pandora radio or surf for restaurant suggestions without ever leaving your seat. The Autonet folks have developed a technology using the 3G network that gives you seamless connections even when you're speeding along the interstate. For even better reception, you can mount an external antenna to your vehicle.

Mobile wireless routers offer the same range of services as any home network. Use your laptop to connect to weather sites and get full-size pictures of conditions up ahead, or take advantage of the connection to access the latest traffic flow reports. Passengers can watch YouTube videos or send instant messages. Because the signal travels up to 150 feet (45.7 meters), you can still access your mobile network from your motel room if your car is parked nearby.