Boardless, Pieceless Road Trip Games
Family in car on road trip

A great way to keep the kids from driving you crazy on road trips is to play some simple games.

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You're about to set off on a long road trip. While you're eagerly anticipating that perfect vacation getaway, you've got hours in a crowded car standing between you and your destination. How can you keep everyone entertained and maintain your sanity until you reach your hotel or rest stop? Some fun and easy road trip games might do the trick.

Road trip games are the perfect way to have fun while cooped up in a car for hours on end. But with all the packing you've had to do for your trip, you won't want to deal with the hassle of assembling lots of games and equipment to keep you and your crew entertained. Instead of gathering lots of game pieces, boards and supplies (which will probably spill in the car), consider playing one of our boardless, pieceless road trip games. Everyone might end up having so much fun that you'll never hear the dreaded phrase, "Are we there yet?"

Read on to learn about 10 road trip games, starting with an all-time favorite that uses hand gestures.