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Road Trips

Road trips with family or friends are a perfect way to see the country. Explore ideas and tips for road trips in these articles.

How should you decide between flying and taking a road trip?

Making the choice between driving and flying requires that you juggle multiple factors and figure out how important each is to you. While it's great to save money, be sure to consider all the factors that might weigh on the quality of your trip.

See the Swirling Glory of Britain's 7-Circle Magic Roundabout

There's a method behind the automotive madness of this massive traffic circle in Swindon, England.

10 Road Trips for Retirees

You've worked your whole life so far, and now it's time to enjoy yourself. And there's no better way than making good use of America's highways. So, what are some of the best road trips for retirees who are looking for adventure?

Top 10 Stress-free Road Trip Ideas

Writers like Jack Kerouac and William Least Heat-Moon have elevated the road trip to a soul-seeking journey. But who can seek out their soul when they're stressed?

10 Tips for Planning a Cross-country Road Trip

Road trips are an iconic part of the American experience. Make the most of your journey with these helpful prep tips.

5 California Road Trip Ideas

California is known for its stunning natural beauty and miles of open road. Why not combine two of the state's greatest attributes and head out on a California road trip? Here are five ideas.

How much gas will you use on your road trip?

Everybody loves a road trip. But when gas prices are high, trips can be pricey. How can you calculate the cost of gas for your trip?

10 Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip

It's summertime, and the open road calls. There's so much to see, so much to do -- and so much to pack! Here are 10 road trip essentials.

What are some fun things to do on a road trip?

The cardinal rule of road trips is to do what thou whilst -- it's your open road, your freedom and your chance to do everything you want to do and very little that you don't. But there are some things not to be missed!

How to Save Money While on a Road Trip

There's nothing quite as thrilling as hitting the open road, but mounting costs can put a damper on your enthusiasm. What can you do to keep road trip expenses in check?

5 Tips for Diabetics on Long Road Trips

Living with diabetes is difficult. Maintaining an active lifestyle -- one that includes long road trips -- can be even more challenging. But it is possible.