Parades & Festivals

Most cities are the home of numerous parades and festivals. Plan a family vacation and enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Family Vacations: Indianapolis 500 and the Finish Line 500 Festival

Mom and Dad can start their engines and take the minivan around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway four days before superstars hit the track. Learn about the Finish Line 500 Festival events preceding the big race.

What's the world's biggest food fight?

When eating food breaks down into throwing food, it's a messy and hilarious state of affairs. So, really, what could be more fun than a citywide tomato fight?

Top 5 Music Festivals

Live music is the best kind of music there is. And music festivals serve it up to crowds of thousands for days at a time each year. Which are the world's greatest fests?

10 Wacky Small Town Festivals

You won't find cotton candy, jumbo turkey legs or a Ferris wheel at these small town fairs. When communities get creative, they can come up with some strange ways to celebrate.

8 Quirky Festivals in North America

Festivals such as the Rattlesnake Roundup and Secret City Festival are held every year. Learn about eight quirky festivals in North America including the Secret City Festival and Frozen Dead Guys Days.

Family Vacations: Delta Blues Festival

The Mississippi Delta Blues Festival is the king of blues festivals. Founded in 1978, the Greenville-based blues festival is the second oldest continuously operating festival of its kind in the country. Read about Delta Blues Festival vacations.

Family Vacations: Boston Marathon

The first Boston Marathon was run in 1897. Its closest rival, the New York City Marathon, was started in 1970. The pioneering Boston Athletic Association was the inspiration for the event. Learn more about family vacations to see the Boston Marathon.

Family Vacations: Boston Harborfest

Independence Day in Boston is celebrated at a mammoth bash called Boston Harborfest, a six-day extravaganza that builds to a wild fireworks display on July 4. Read why Harborfest has been a favorite of Bostonians and visitors for a quarter-century.

Family Vacations: Groundhog Day

A number of cities boast rodents capable of predicting the advent of spring, but there is only one Punxsutawney Phil. Punxsutawney Phil is a 20-pound specimen of Marmota monax who predicts when spring will arrive. Read about Groundhog Day vacations.

Family Vacations: Tulip Time Festival

The roots of the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan, reach back to 1846 when 60 Calvinists departed Holland for the New World. Today Tulip Time attracts one million annual visitors to a town of barely 35,000. Learn about Tulip Time Festival.

Family Vacations: Kentucky Derby Festival

The Kentucky Derby Festival, which precedes the horse race, is an extravaganza that lasts several weeks featuring fireworks, parades, and more. Learn more about the Derby Festival.