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Coastal and Lake Vacations

Plan a trip that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Learn more about coastal and lake vacations like Myrtle Beach and Lake Placid.

Family Vacations: Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is known as the premier family beach town on the popular Cape Fear coastline of North Carolina. Learn more about vacationing in this peaceful seaside community.

Beach Pictures

Beach pictures show the relaxing and exotic scenery of the world's beaches. Check out these beach pictures. See more »

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

The Old Point Loma lighthouse is one of the most scenic lighthouses in the United States. See a profile and a picture of Old Point Loma lighthouse. See more »

Cape Flattery Lighthouse

The Cape Flattery lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse in the lower 48 states. See a profile and a picture of the Cape Flattery lighthouse. See more »

St. George Reef Lighthouse

The St. George Reef lighthouse was one of the loneliest and most dangerous places to work. See a profile of the St. George Reef lighthouse. See more »

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Oregon's scenic Heceta Head lighthouse is a favorite of lighthouse aficionados and tourists. See a profile and a picture of Heceta Head lighthouse. See more »

Five Finger Lighthouse

The Five Finger lighthouse reaches out to guide maritime traffic along the Inside Passage. See a profile and picture of the Five Finger lighthouse. See more »

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

The Admiralty Head lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. See a profile and a picture of the Admiralty Head lighthouse. See more »

Makapuu Point Lighthouse

Makapuu Point lighthouse offers one of the most breathtaking coastal panoramas of any in the United States. Learn about Makapuu Point lighthouse. See more »

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse has been visited by the likes of George Washington and Henry David Thoreau. Learn about Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse. See more »

Cape Ann Lighthouse

Cape Ann lighthouse is among the oldest lighthouses on the New England coast, and boy, could it tell some stories. Learn about the Cape Ann lighthouse. See more »