Plan a trip that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Learn more about coastal and lake vacations like Myrtle Beach and Lake Placid.

Family Vacations: Tybee Island

Eighteen miles east of Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island is a beach getaway with plenty of opportunities to relax and sight-see. This barrier island's three-mile beach is backed by mesmerizing sand dunes. Learn about family vacations to Tybee island.

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  • Travel the World: Hawaii

    Travel the World: Hawaii

    Hawaii is a land of amazing beaches, mountain summits, lush jungles and volcanoes. How much do you know about this vacation paradise? See more »

  • Admiralty Head Lighthouse

    Admiralty Head Lighthouse

    The Admiralty Head lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1927 and now serves as a popular museum. See a profile and a picture of the Admiralty Head lighthouse. See more »

  • America's Lighthouses

    America's Lighthouses

    America's lighthouses -- though they may be just decorations now -- used to serve a life-saving function. Many of these lighthouses continue to serve as vital navigation aids and landmarks for passing ships. Learn about America's lighthouses. See more »

  • American Shoals Lighthouse

    American Shoals Lighthouse

    American Shoals Lighthouse is found out in the water along the Florida Keys to warn sailors of the reefs below. The lighthouse includes an octagonal keeper's residence that sits 40 feet above the water. See American Shoals Lighthouse here. See more »

  • Beavertail Lighthouse

    Beavertail Lighthouse

    Beavertail Lighthouse the fourth built in the United States shines from the shores of Rhode Island. It was built in 1749 out of the need for a reliable lighthouse to warn the busy ship traffic of a narrow channel. Learn more about Beavertail Lighthou See more »

  • Biloxi Lighthouse

    Biloxi Lighthouse

    The Biloxi lighthouse is unusual in many ways including the fact that it has had two female lighthouse keepers. The 48-foot tower was constructed of cast iron and then lined with locally fired bricks. Learn about the Biloxi lighthouse. See more »

  • Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

    Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

    Block Island Southeast lighthouse has guided ships into Long Island Sound or south toward New York City. The lighthouse is distinctive because of the over sized catwalk that surrounds the top of the lighthouse. Learn about Block Island Southeast ligh See more »

  • Brant Point Lighthouse

    Brant Point Lighthouse

    Brant Point Lighthouse is built at the entrance of Nantucket harbor and is a popular vacation destination. Established in 1746 this lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouse sites in the United States. Learn about the Brant Point Lighthouse. See more »

  • Buffalo Lighthouse

    Buffalo Lighthouse

    Buffalo Lighthouse in New York was the first built on Lake Erie shortly after construction of the Erie Canal. The light was built to alert ships that they were approaching the port of Buffalo and the Niagara River. Learn about Buffalo Lighthouse here See more »

  • Cape Ann Lighthouse

    Cape Ann Lighthouse

    Cape Ann lighthouse is among the oldest lighthouses on the New England coast and boy could it tell some stories. Established in 1771 the twin lighthouses stand about 300 feet apart on the small island. Learn about the Cape Ann lighthouse. See more »

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