Coral Reefs
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Australia: Great Barrier Reef
See for yourself the amazing underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Blue Planet: Coral Seas
The producer of Blue Planet describes why she chose to film a coral reef at night instead of create the more traditional daytime scene.
Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark: Image Problem
This clip from Discovery Channel's "Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark" illustrates the softer side of sharks and debunks a few popular assumptions about a variety of shark species.
Dirty Jobs: Reef Ball Panel
On Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs," host Mike Rowe helps create a reef ball shell using fiberglass and resin. Reef balls provide habitat for fish and coral reefs in areas devastated by pollution.
G Word: Artificial Reefs
In this clip from Planet Green's "G Word," correspondent David Newsom highlights the loss of naturally occuring reefs and how artificial reefs can replenish habitats for marine life.
G Word: Coral Bleaching
Learn more about a study to revitalize coral reefs in this clip from Planet Green's "G Word."
Life: Filming Creatures of the Deep
"Creatures of the Deep" producer Neil Lucas and others offer a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this episode.
Oceans Blue: California Sea Lions
The Ocean Blue team explores a species struggling to survive. See how close California Sea Lions are to extinction.
Oceans Blue: Coral at Night
The Oceans Blue dive team takes some night dive gear and checks out the coral reef in the dark. See the fluorescent coral in this episode.
Oceans Blue: Coral Reef
The Coral Reef extends over every ocean all over the world. It is home to thousands of species. Check it out with Ocean Blue explorers.
Oceans Blue: Lion Fish
The Lion Fish is a gorgeous fish that survives in the coral reef. Check it out with the Oceans Blue dive team.
Oceans Blue: Maori Octopus
The Maori Octopus is one of the largest. Can you imagine making a journey and then only living long enough to complete the trip? See the adventures of this Octopus here.
Oceans Blue: Sea Dragon
The Sea Dragon survives just in seaweed in the deepest depths of the ocean. See how these creatures live their lives here.
Oceans Blue: Sperm Whales
Have you ever swam with sperm whales? See how the Ocean Blue dive team reacts to their experience swimming along side these massive creatures.
One Step Beyond: Crown of Thorns Starfish
On Discovery Channel's "One Step Beyond," learn about the crown-of-thorns starfish, a voracious eater that consumes large amounts of coral reef. Their spines are highly venomous and painful.
Paradise for Predators: Sharks of Palau: Coral
This clip from Discovery Channel's "Paradise for Predators: Sharks of Palau" explores various lifeforms that exist in a seemingly lifeless saltwater lake.
Science of the Deep: Aquarius Underwater Lab
This clip from The Science Channel's "Science of the Deep" takes us to the Florida Keys for a glimpse of Aquarius, an undersea research station, next to spectacular coral reefs.
Science of the Deep: Coral Larvae Under the Microscope
This clip from The Science Channel's "Science of the Deep" offers an up close view of developing coral larvae.
Science of the Deep: Coral Reefs and Global Warming
The aquanaut team sets out on a 10-day underwater mission to study the effects of global warming on coral reefs in this clip from The Science Channel's "Science of the Deep."
Science of the Deep: Coral Spawning
This clip from The Science Channel's "Science of the Deep" examines the annual spawning of the corals.
Science of the Deep: Fluorescent Corals
In this clip from The Science Channel's "Science of the Deep," a pair of aquanauts discover fluorescent corals during a night time exploration.
Science of the Deep: Trapping Coral Larvae
A team of aquanauts attempt to capture coral larvae In this clip from The Science Channel's, "Science of the Deep."