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The Ultimate Washington, DC Quiz

New York and Chicago might have skyscrapers, but those buildings cower in importance before the magnificent Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. The memorials to Abraham Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea remind us of the great sacrifices America has made in the name of freedom and democracy. And let's not forget the great restaurants, museums and exciting nightlife! Take our quiz and discover just how much a fun a trip to Washington D.C. can be.

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  • The Ultimate Philadelphia Quiz
    The Ultimate Philadelphia Quiz

    Philadelphia is famous for its rich history and its tourism industry is definitely driven by this factor. But there are other attractions, too: great restaurants, galleries, flower shows and performing art shows all attract the tourists every year. Take this quiz and learn more about fascinating Philadelphia. See more »

  • The Ultimate Portland Quiz
    The Ultimate Portland Quiz

    With its snow-capped mountains and inactive volcano, clean streets and exciting nightlife, Portland, Oregon, is an excellent vacation destination. Take our quiz to learn more about this lovely city. See more »

  • The Ultimate Salt Lake City Quiz
    The Ultimate Salt Lake City Quiz

    When you plan your next vacation, forget the coastal metropolises of New York and Los Angeles and try out Salt Lake City, Utah, instead. Salt Lake is a beautiful city full of brilliant architecture, a world-famous choir, and great restaurants. The area is surrounded by a stunning mountain range with great ski resorts. Take this quiz to learn more about the pleasures that await you in lively Salt Lake City. See more »

  • The Ultimate San Diego Quiz
    The Ultimate San Diego Quiz

    There is probably nowhere better to enjoy the southern California lifestyle than San Diego. With its perfect weather, miles of beaches, and world-class restaurants, San Diego is an ideal vacation spot. If you enjoy golf, there are nearly 100 courses to choose from, and the kids will be thrilled to spend the day at LEGOLAND. Take our quiz to learn more about California's southern-most city -- San Diego. See more »

  • The Ultimate San Francisco Quiz
    The Ultimate San Francisco Quiz

    Among the many great vacation spots on the West Coast of the United States is the lovely city of San Francisco. Surrounded by water, and built on a series of hills, San Francisco enjoys unique weather and breathtaking vistas. Add to that world-class restaurants, museums, the country's only mobile landmark, and even a famous prison, and you have a city like no other. Take our quiz to learn more about the beautiful city of San Francisco. See more »

  • The Ultimate Seattle Quiz
    The Ultimate Seattle Quiz

    What do you think of when people mention Seattle, Washington? Some people might think about rain, but others remember that it’s the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, Microsoft, and Starbucks coffee. Give this fascinating town a try on your next vacation, but take our quiz first to learn more about how Seattle works. See more »

  • The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner in the Big Apple Quiz
    The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner in the Big Apple Quiz

    Thanksgiving dinner is a special time to enjoy with the family. But the stress of cooking a dinner, and getting the turkey just right, can put a cloud over the day. You may want to consider eating out at one of the many New York restaurants on Thanksgiving, saving yourself the hassle of organizing a Thanksgiving meal. Take this quiz to learn more about Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple. See more »

  • The Ultimate Thanksgiving in the Big Apple Quiz
    The Ultimate Thanksgiving in the Big Apple Quiz

    New York City… There's really nowhere else like it -- the food, the culture, the shopping. And what better time to go shopping than over Thanksgiving weekend, the launching of the Christmas shopping season? Top off your trip with a tour of the city -- or stay indoors at one of the many museums the city has to offer. Take this quiz to learn more about Thanksgiving weekend in NYC. See more »

  • The Ultimate Toronto Quiz
    The Ultimate Toronto Quiz

    Originally a meeting place for native-Americans, Toronto is now a diverse metropolis. Take in a ball game by day -- or visit the nearby waterfalls. There's a 700-acre zoo that the kids can really enjoy, and with thousands of restaurants to choose from, there's something for the whole family. Take our quiz to learn more about how Toronto works. See more »

  • The Ultimate Vancouver Quiz
    The Ultimate Vancouver Quiz

    When you think of Canada, you probably think of its two big cities: Montreal and Toronto. Don't forget about Vancouver, which is one of the most beautiful cities you might ever see. Situated at the western edge of Canada, Vancouver has a distinctly West Coast feel to it. Its many attractions include the orchestra, the comedy festival, and the aquarium. Take our quiz to learn more about Canada's "other" city -- Vancouver! See more »

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