City Guides

Before you go on your next vacation, plan ahead with our in-depth city guides. Discover what there is to see and do in popular cities around the world.

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinners in the Big Apple

Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple can be had in historic establishments, such as Fraunces Tavern. Get tips for Thanksgiving dinner in New York.

How Beijing Works

China diligently prepared for the 2008 Olympics, even building state-of-the-art structures for the games. They've reconfigured neighborhoods, worked to improve air quality and more. What's next for the city?

How the Dubai Seven-Star Hotel Works

The Burj's sheer opulence coupled with its outrageously attentive service has garnered the hotel a seven-star reputation. This glistening glass yacht presents itself as the jewel of Dubai -- the tallest hotel in the world.

Family Vacations: Charleston

Charleston South Carolina is one of the most beautifully preserved cities in America full of antebellum mansions quaint cobblestone alleys and carefully preserved historic buildings. Learn about this great family destination.

Denver City Guide

Denver is a tourist's dream, whether the outdoors is your thing or if your version of hiking is window shopping and museum hopping. Learn about the many things to do in the Mile High City.