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City Guides

Before you go on your next vacation, plan ahead with our in-depth city guides. Discover what there is to see and do in popular cities around the world.

How Beijing Works

Beijing is the capital of China and the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Learn about Beijing and the preparations Beijing is making for the Olympics. See more »

How the Dubai Seven-Star Hotel Works

The Dubai seven-star hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the world. Learn about the Dubai seven-star hotel and look inside the Dubai hotel. See more »

Family Vacations: Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, offers the whole family a history lesson on the Civil War and the antebellum South. Learn about this family vacation spot. See more »

Denver City Guide

Denver has something for everyone, from cultural outlets to outdoor activities. See this city guide to find out what to see when visiting Denver. See more »