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City Guides

Before you go on your next vacation, plan ahead with our in-depth city guides. Discover what there is to see and do in popular cities around the world.

Denver City Guide

Denver is a tourist's dream, whether the outdoors is your thing or if your version of hiking is window shopping and museum hopping. Learn about the many things to do in the Mile High City.

5 Lost Cities

Some lost cities met their end with war or natural disaster. Some we never found. Read about lost cities of the ancients and of the not-so-distant past. See more »

10 Best Places for Outdoorsy Types to Live

The best outdoor towns offer outdoor sports in any season and within a short distance. Find out more about the best outdoorsy places to live. See more »

Washington, D.C. Pictures

Pictures of Washington, D.C. show photos of the many sites and important buildings in the U.S. capital. Take a look at pictures of Washington, D.C. See more »

How Graceland Works

Graceland attracts millions of visitors to view its shag-carpeted jungle room and other quirky features. Learn more about the Elvis famed Graceland. See more »

Dubai Pictures

These Dubai pictures show off the one of the wealthiest cities and fastest-growing places on Earth. See more pictures of Dubai. See more »

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinners in the Big Apple

Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple can be had in historic establishments, such as Fraunces Tavern. Get tips for Thanksgiving dinner in New York. See more »

Tips for a Terrific Thanksgiving in the Big Apple

Thanksgiving in New York can be an exciting experience because of all the activities you can explore. Learn more about Thanksgiving in New York. See more »

Why is the world's largest artificial island in the shape of a palm tree?

Why is the world's largest artificial island in the shape of a palm? Read how Dubai's Palm Island works and what seven star hotel is located there. See more »

How Dubai Works

Dubai has reinvented itself from a dusty outpost in the middle of the desert, to a flashy tourist destination. Check out more information about Dubai. See more »

How Dubailand Works

Dubailand is a gigantic complex of theme parks, shopping malls and living spaces in the emirate of Dubai. Learn more about Dubailand and Dubailand attractions. See more »