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Before you go on your next vacation, plan ahead with our in-depth city guides. Discover what there is to see and do in popular cities around the world.

5 Lost Cities

These cities have been ravaged by time, war and natural disaster. At least one may just be the product of human imagination. Why are we so fascinated with lost cities -- and what makes them lost?

10 Best Places for Outdoorsy Types to Live

It's nice to take off for a week of kayaking, hiking and rafting. But it'd be a whole lot cooler if all that adventure were right in your backyard. Where can you live that lifestyle?

Washington, D.C. Pictures

Washington, D.C. has more to offer than just politics-as-usual. It's been a national cultural center for as long as it's been the capital. Take a look at the many museums and attractions of Washington, D.C.

How Graceland Works

Graceland? Well, for starters, there's a giant lightning bolt painted on one wall -- to represent The King's motto: "takin' care of business in a flash." Seriously. It's that quirky.

Dubai Pictures

Dubai has earned a reputation for its booming economy and engineering feats, like man-made islands and the world's tallest buildings. What other spectacles are coming out of this desert city?

Tips for a Terrific Thanksgiving in the Big Apple

Thanksgiving in New York can be an exciting experience because of all the activities you can explore. Learn more about Thanksgiving in New York.

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinners in the Big Apple

Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple can be had in historic establishments, such as Fraunces Tavern. Get tips for Thanksgiving dinner in New York.

Why is the world's largest artificial island in the shape of a palm tree?

You can see the islands from space. They span Dubai's coastline, providing prime real estate to interested millionaires. They're the Palm islands of Dubai -- the largest man-made islands in the world.

How Dubai Works

An odd oasis of fantastical desert skyscrapers Dubai sprawls over the sand and creeps out to sea. Once an unassuming Bedouin outpost the city has become an international curiosity and a destination for the rich and famous.

How Dubailand Works

A massive complex of theme parks, cultural attractions and resort living, Dubailand will be twice the size of Disney World. But don't plan your visit to the ultimate desert destination until 2020.