Adrenaline Lab
Think skydiving is daring? Join Bear Grylls in his quest to find the world's most extreme adrenaline junkies.
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Adrenaline Lab: Anything You Can Do
Bear Grylls is on a mission to prove he can keep up with Michael Turner, one of the world's top free runners, in this behind-the-scenes clip from Adrenaline Lab.
Adrenaline Lab: Anything You Can Do
Bear Grylls is on a mission to prove he can keep up with Michael Turner, one of the world's top free runners, in this behind-the-scenes clip from Adrenaline Lab.
Adrenaline Lab: Bear Grylls - The HALO Jump
Bear Grylls discusses his 30,000 feet free-fall with Jeff Wise, an expert on fear and adrenaline.
Adrenaline Lab: Bear Grylls Fan Club
Some of the world's most extreme adrenaline junkies reveal their admiration for Bear Grylls in this behind-the-scenes video at Adrenaline Lab.
Adrenaline Lab: Carlo Traversi Free Climbs
Carlo Traversi explains how he conquers fear to hang from boulders 50 feet off the ground, upside down, with only his fingertips clinging to slivers of rock the width of a credit card.
Adrenaline Lab: Chasing Hurricanes & Tornadoes
George Kourounis, professional storm chaser and adrenaline junkie, explains how focusing on his camera work helps him survive extreme close encounters with near-apocalyptic storms.
Adrenaline Lab: Countdown to Action
Check out the action as the crews and extreme athletes get ready to film with Bear Grylls in this behind-the-scenes peek at the Adrenaline Lab.
Adrenaline Lab: Ed Stafford Conquers the Amazon
Ed Stafford, world-renowned adventurer, spent two years trekking the entire length of the Amazon River, facing death on a daily basis. He was the first man to complete the arduous 4,000 mile journey.
Adrenaline Lab: Extreme Snowboarder Jeremy Jones
Snowboarding at up to 60 mph down chutes only 10 feet wide, Jeremy Jones turns his fear into confidence to ride some of the steepest and most inaccessible mountainsides in the world.
Adrenaline Lab: Free Climber Kevin Jorgeson
His breathing labored, his heart pounding, Kevin Jorgeson summoned the courage to ascend, ropeless, thirty glasslike pitches on one of the world's deadliest climbs: a 3,000 foot granite monolith known as El Capitan.
Adrenaline Lab: J.T. Holmes BASE Jumps
Flying down 800-foot sheer cliffs at 140 mph in a wing suit, J.T. "Birdman" Holmes faces the dangers of BASE jumping with technical mastery and a powerful dose of adrenaline.
Adrenaline Lab: Jeff Kent Ice Sails at 80 MPH
Jeff Kent, competitive ice sailing racer, describes the thrill of speeding across the ice at nearly 80 MPH, hand-pulling 180 degree turns against nearly 2 Gs of force.
Adrenaline Lab: Jeff Wise
Jeff Wise is a science writer, outdoor adventurer, and author of "Extreme Fear." He explains to Bear Grylls exactly what's happening to the body during the adrenaline rush.
Adrenaline Lab: Jeff Wise Explains Adrenaline's Power
Writer and adventurer Jeff Wise explains the biology of an adrenaline rush, an ancient evolutionary response that gives us temporarily "superhuman" control over our bodies and brains.
Adrenaline Lab: Language of Adrenaline
Psyched, stoked, epic, goofy foot...? What do all these strange terms mean? Decode the language of thrill seekers in this behind-the-scenes clip at Adrenaline Lab.
Adrenaline Lab: Michael Turner and His Playground
Free Runner Michael Turner turns fear into courage and the landscape into a playground. Mike climbs, leaps, flips, and vaults across walls, rocks, trees, and rooftops, leaping up to 15 feet between standing objects.
Adrenaline Lab: Paul Stender Races 400 MPH Jet Cars
Paul Stender, extreme speed demon, races jet-propelled vehicles at nearly 400 MPH. How does he face down fear after crashes that have broken 26 bones, given him 3 concussions and once popped his eyes out of their sockets?
Adrenaline Lab: Tao Berman Kayaks 98 Foot Waterfall
Tao Berman is a three-time world record holder in white water kayaking. This thrill-seeker talks to Bear Grylls about how confidence helped him survive a 98-foot waterfall drop.
Adrenaline Lab: Will Skudin
Will Skudin is one of the greatest big-wave surfers in the world. He describes for Bear Grylls the adrenaline rush he gets when riding a five-story wall of water traveling 25 miles an hour.
Adrenaline Lab: William Trubridge Free Dives
31-year-old William Trubridge holds the world record in free diving. The New Zealander dives to over 330 feet, a place where sunlight no longer reaches, without the use of fins, ropes, weights - or oxygen tanks.
Adrenaline Lab: Wing Walks 1,000 Feet High
Riding atop a plane 1,000 feet in the air and traveling at 100 mph, Ashley fearlessly walks the wings while the aircraft rolls, soars, and dives over San Francisco Bay.