Soda Can
soda can tabs

Soda is sweet, but using the can and tab to collect water to help you survive is sweeter.

©iStockphoto/Lori Martin

An empty soda can is another multipurpose tool. Even if you're not drinking a root beer at the exact moment you become stranded, you'll probably be able to find a can while lost in the woods (thanks to the litterbugs).

Humans can survive for quite a while without food but only a few days without water. Dehydration can lead to weakness, mental fatigue and eventually death. Finding water should be a priority during a survival situation. Use a soda can to collect and store rainwater. You can also find safe drinking water by collecting the morning dew from plants. Try soaking a cloth or sock in long, wet grasses or plants and then wringing that water into the can.

Soda can tabs can be fashioned into crude fishhooks. After pulling the tab off, bend the top to weaken the corner. If you have a knife or rock, take out a small chunk to leave a sharp angle. Then, use your knife or rock to further sharpen the tab's point. Attach it to a shoelace or a string, and you've got a fishing line.

It's even possible to start a fire with a soda can and some chocolate. Rub the chocolate on the bottom of the can, and then use the wrapper to polish the bottom until it looks like a mirror. (Note: Don't eat the chocolate after -- it can be toxic.) Now you have a reflective surface with which you can heat up tinder.

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