Amazing Corn Mazes
dead end of a corn maze

Dead ends are your enemy if you're racing to get out of a corn maze.


Mazes date back as far as ancient Greece and are enjoyed all over the world today. There's something about these interactive pedestrian puzzles that really captures people's interest. It may have something to do with the challenge of finding your way through to the end of the maze -- the feeling of accomplishment that sets in with the completion of any puzzle or riddle. It's also a very sociable activity. Large groups of people can navigate these large mazes at once. In other parts of the world, mazes are made from shrubs, colored stones and hay bales, just to name a few materials. In the United States, mazes made from corn stalks are the most popular. Corn, or maize, makes for an ideal maze material. With its tall stalk and dense placement, participants find themselves trapped inside the silky confines. Fall is a popular time of year for pumpkin picking, hay rides and corn mazes, but some mazes are open year-round. Following is a list of five of the most amazing corn mazes.