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10 Best Street Foods From Around the World
Sure, you can get a cheeseburger almost anywhere, but when you're traveling, why not sample the food the locals specialize in – and love? Street food gives you a tasty window into another culture. Here are our recommendations for your next trip. Read more »
Author's Note: 5 Adventures in Eating You'll Never Forget

I was a pretty picky eater when I was a kid. You know the type: chicken nuggets, French fries and the occasional vegetable -- as long as it was in a can. But in college and graduate school, I learned that trying new foods and cooking new dishes could actually be quite fun, and now I consider myself a fairly open-minded eater and a pretty darn good cook. But adventures in eating? I suppose you could talk me into some of those experiences. Let me grab my fork and I'll meet you at the flavor tripping party!

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