Adventures in Eating You'll Never Forget
girl eating in dark

At dining in the dark restaurants, patrons are led into a pitch-black room where they enjoy a meal they cannot see.

Comstock Images/Getty Images

Let's say you eat a hamburger. Nothing too unusual about that, right? Now imagine you're eating that same hamburger in the pitch-black dark, and it's laced with a strange fruit that has fundamentally altered the taste of the meat -- so much so that you're beginning to wonder whether this hamburger is really a hamburger at all. Would that creep you out? Could you remain seated at the table-in-the-dark to finish the rest of your burger, or would you run out of the room screaming?

See? Food consumption can in fact be quite adrenaline pumping, given the right circumstances. One way to ratchet up the excitement is to eat in a strange place: in a cave, underwater, on a Ferris wheel or even in a building made of ice (yes, you can find restaurants in these spots). In fact, there are even eateries where you can experience the force of a simulated 7.8 magnitude earthquake!

The other way to create dining adventure is to eat something you don't normally eat and that most people you know don't normally eat either (or even consider edible). Bizarre-to-you local fare can be found in places all over the world, from rattlesnake meat in Texas to pig's blood cake in Taiwan. Just remember the saying: Don't knock it till you've tried it!