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22 Romantic Kissing Spots in America

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Here's a little trivia: Passionate kissing burns two calories per minute. That means that the couple who set the Guinness world record for longest kiss -- at 30 hours, 39 minutes, 27 seconds -- potentially burned about 7,356 calories between the two of them just by playing a really, really long game of tonsil hockey. They would have burned the same amount of calories going on a romantic six-hour jog.

­It's an interesting bit of kissing statistics, but most couples don't kiss for the exercise (or for a shot at the smooching world record). People kiss to churn up the little butterflies in their stomachs, to swirl their minds into a delightful oblivion -- even if just for a moment.

The perfect kiss can happen anywhere when the right people are involved. But let's face it -- some spots are especially good at seducing people into lip-locks. The couple that set the kissing world record stole their day-long kiss in the city of New York. What other romantic spots trigger kissing? And why does a ghost town make our list?