Stock Up on Food
Bags of groceries

A good stock of healthy food is essential for a winter storm. Try to shop for canned and dry goods that will store well.


As wi­th preparing your home,­ it's also vital to have your stock of food supplies ready when the storm blows in. In places that don't typically get severe winter weather, grocery­ stores are often jam-packed with shoppers when a storm is imminent. To avoid walking the crowded aisles and staring at empty shelves, stock up ahead of time. Make a list of items you'd need for each member of your household to live for seven days, more if you live in a cold-weather region. And make sure you don't forget your pets -- keeping a stash of dog and cat food is a good idea. You should also include medicines and personal items like deodorant, toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

Canned and dry goods are the best way to store food long term. Canned fruits and vegetables may not be the best, but they're good to have on hand to ensure that you don't eat boxed macaroni for a solid week. Also keep at least five gallons of water on hand. If you can't live without that morning cup of coffee, buy a stove-top percolator or French press to use if your power goes out.