Best Vacations You'll Never Get to Take
Family on its way to vacation

The car's gassed up, and you're ready to go on vacation. But if you were planning on visiting one of these spots in this article, you're going to have to choose another location.

Maria Teijeiro/Getty Images/Thinkstock

They're gone. Lost to posterity. Dozens of landmarks throughout the years have been demolished, shaken, blazed, imploded, sunk, shifted and crumbled to oblivion.

Oftentimes, we bid good riddance to places we've been without a second thought. Change is nothing new, after all. But a handful of landmark destinations are worth remembering. They're the places that shaped our culture, history, politics, technology and understanding of the natural world. Even after going out with a bang, they've never fully left our social psyche.

Collectively, they've drawn millions -- maybe billions -- of travelers, vacationers and tourists over centuries. If we could get to them today, they'd undoubtedly draw more. We've picked 10, listed in no particular order, that we think merit special attention.

So let's jump into the first landmark destination, which drew gamblers, boozers, musical legends and showgirls in swarms.