Getting Fresh: Produce Stands

There's nothing better than a heathy snack right off the side of the road.


Perhaps the oldest kind of food vendor on the street, fruit and vegetable produce stands remain a ubiquitous sight along country roads. Few can resist the occasional stop along the highway to pick up fresh berries in the Spring or pumpkins in the Fall. With an old-fashioned appeal, fresher produce and often cheaper prices than grocery stores, produce stands aren't likely to fall out of favor anytime soon.

But produce stands haven't been restricted to rural areas. Even as recently as the 1930s, horse-drawn wagons traveled to urban areas from neighboring farms to sell the farm's produce [source: Simopoulos]. Although they are less common than fast-food stands, you can still often access produce stands in the city today, often through farmers' markets set up in city squares on weekends.

Produce stands are a great way to access local produce, which is especially popular lately because it is considered better for the environment. When you consume produce close to wear it is grown, you theoretically "save" greenhouse gasses that would have been produced when transporting it.